Come and see us,’ Huawei says in open letter to US media

BARCELONA, Spain – The Chinese technology firm Huawei has issued an “An open letter to the US media”, inviting members of the US media to visit Huawei’s campuses and meet its employees.

“The US is a shining example of how to inspire passion for technological innovation and dev

elopment. We too have been inspired by your history of creativity and hard work,” said the letter, beari

ng the name Catherine Chen, a Director of the Board at Huawei, who is in charge of public and government affairs.

“I am writing to you in the hopes that we can come to understand each other better. In recent years, the US government has developed some mi

sunderstandings about us. We would like to draw your attention to the facts,” the letter said.

“We work with many leading US companies on technology development, business con

sulting, and procurement. In addition, we support university research programs in the US, helping them make sig

nificant progress in communications technologies, which we believe will benefit the whole world,” the letter said.

“On behalf of Huawei, I would like to invite members of the US media to visit our ca

mpuses and meet our employees. I hope that you can take what you see and hear back to your readers, viewers, and lis

teners, and share this message with them, to let them know that our doors are always open.”

“We would like the US public to get to know us better, as we will you,” the letter said, ending with a Huawei email address as a means of contact.